Who's a
Good Boy?
A Shiba Inu is! No matter how sassy
they can be sometimes, a Shiba Inu is
a good boy through and through.
Who's the
Cutest Dog?
A Shiba Inu! We love all pups...
but the Shiba is the cutest by far!
Come find out for yourself why!
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A Furever
A Shiba Inu is! A Shiba is not just a pet;
he's a loyal lifelong companion of adorableness.
Let us help you find your new furever friend.
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Shiba Inu:

The Cutest Puppy Breed

Also known as potats, the Shiba Inu is a dog breed originally from Japan, but beloved by families and admired all over the world today. Shiba Inu puppies are the cutest little mini potats we’ve ever seen!


Interviews Open!

We are currently taking appointments for interviews
with interested families who are serious about rehoming
a Shiba Inu as a permanent family member. 

Contact us and fill out an interest form to receive a call
from our volunteers who will walk you through the 
rehoming process and ask you qualifying questions.

Adorable Shiba Inu dog in sitting position with red leash

The Shiba Inu

History & Breed

Where do Shiba Inus come from? How did they grow in popularity?

What are the different coat colors of a Shiba Inu?
What is a sesame Shiba Inu look like? 

Read about the Shiba Inu history & breed to learn more about where our favorite breeds comes from!

Diet? Training? Personality?

Learn All About Shiba Inus

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The Ultimate
Shiba Inu Guide

Learn all about the Shiba Inu breed. Whether you love the breed or this is your first time meeting them, we welcome you to the world of Shibas!

Preventing Shiba Puppies' Sickness

The greatest heartbreak for a pet owner is when their beloved pet becomes sick. Learn how to prevent and treat common Shiba Inu and pet illnesses.

Keeping Your Shiba Safe from Summer

Shiba Inus can have a difficult time in the summer, like any other dog! Learn how to keep your Shiba Inu safe from the summer heat.

The Healthiest
Shiba Inu Diet

What do Shiba Inus like to eat? What should Shiba Inus eat? Those are two very different questions, but both are important! Learn about ideal diets for a Shiba Inu.

How to Properly Train Your Shiba Inu

Sit! Roll! Bang! How easy would it be if your Shiba Inu could instantly understand and obey you? It won’t be instant, but click here to learn how to properly train your Shiba.

How to Bond with
Your Cute Shiba Inu

Want to learn how to bond with your new baby Shiba Inu? We’ll show you the best ways to bond with your Shiba Inu from day one to forever.

Maintaining Your
Shiba’s Weight

You may feed your cute Shiba Inu treat after treat, because he's so darn cute... But did you know weight gain can lead to health problems later on? Learn how to properly maintain your Shiba Inu dog's weight and health here.

Does Your Shiba
Puppy Like to Bite?

It may seem cute, but puppy biting can become a dangerous habit if you don't address it now. Learn how to teach your Shiba Inu puppy not to bite or play bite, and how to keep good manners during playtime.

The Features of
the Shiba Inu

Want to learn how to bond with your new baby Shiba Inu? We’ll show you the best ways to bond with your Shiba Inu from day one to forever.

Ready to bring home your

New shiba?

For families who are serious about welcoming a Shiba Inu puppy or Shiba Inu puppies into their home, contact us to join our waitlist and schedule for a preliminary interview with our staff.

View the Latest on

The Shiba Inu Blog

Follow us and our Shiba shenanigans in The Shiba Inu Blog, a blog for current and future Shiba owners on Shiba care, training, history, and cute Shiba Inu videos!

Shiba Inu wearing yellow hat

The Shiba Scream

Does the Shiba Inu really scream? Is this a myth or is this truth? When do they scream and how bad is it really?

shiba inu with red ribbon on the neck

Do Shiba Inu Shed?

Shibas are cute. But their fur flying in your face is not. How often do Shibas shed? How bad is their shedding? How can we deal with it?

two cute shiba inu wearing party hat

Best name for a Shiba Inu

Congratulations on your new Shiba! If you’re still stuck on choosing names, read our suggestions on the best name for a Shiba Inu.

A shiba inu wearing party hat while stetching out the tongue

Shiba Grooming Tips!

Every dog breed has a different way to make sure that its coat is beautiful and clean. Learn the grooming that a Shiba Inu needs.

Shiba Inu wearing sun glasses with golden necklace

Shiba Inu Dental Care

Do dogs get cavities too? They might not have a super sweet-tooth or binge on candy, but you still need to take care of their teeth. Learn how to here!

Shiba inu cheerful pose with party hat

Fleas on Your Shiba?

What are those!? If you think your Shiba Inu has fleas, read here and learn how to tell and how to deal with unexpected visitors.

What Furever Families Say About

Our Shiba Inu Puppies

beautiful shiba inu sitting on the sofa
Prince has been the sweetest, most wonderful dog ever. He is so awesome with the kids and absolutely a joy to take with us to camping trips, walks, stores, even to work. James P. We're in love with Lex for doing so well in joining our family. I don't think we could've found a more perfect pet for us. John W. They went above and beyond, and you can tell that they do genuinely care of all the dogs they help re-home. Thank you NorCal Shiba staff for guiding me to my new best friend!
Anna S.

Want to Rehome a Shiba Inu Puppy?
Curious about Shiba Inu price
or Shiba Inu cost?

Contact Us!

If you are ready to bring home a cute Shiba Inu into your family and life, please contact us to begin the rehoming process! 

We have Shiba Inu puppies for sale, and we also have Shiba Inu puppies for adoption for those looking for a Shiba Inu rescue with a very special story.

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