About Us

A passion for the cutest dog breed ever (in our opinion).

NorCal is owned and operated by Shiba Inu lovers who want to help connect families with a new Shiba Inu puppy or dog, help foster and rehabilitate Shiba Inus in need, and provide useful information on the breed, dog training, and general Shiba Inu care.

About the Founder

Man kisses his pet


Owner of NorCal Shiba

I’m a pet lover and most of all, a Shiba Inu owner and lover myself! The team and I at NorCal Shiba are excited to have you with us on our website. 

Whether you’re just getting introduced to the wonderful breed of the Shiba Inu, already in love and looking to rehome, or a current owner, we welcome all to our community. 

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