What to Prepare

What we recommend to prepare?

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A loving Family

The most important thing to your puppy's well-being is your family and your big heart for your pup!

Shiba Inu sleeping on the blanket

Bed to Sleep in

Make sure to prepare a comfortable pet bed for the pup to sleep in and feel safe at home.

Lazy shiba inu sleeping on the blanket

Crate to Sleep in

Dogs are den animals and love to have their own safe place as 'theirs'. A crate helps the pup to stay safe indoors.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This is one of our favorite brands as it is highly nutritious, the pups love it, and it is budget friendly!

a premium dog food for your pet shiba inu

Victor Ultra Pro Dog Food

For an alternative kibble brand, we also recommend this brand for its versatility and highly rated taste.

5 in 1 multivitamin bites for your shiba inu


Your pups deserves everything it can get to grow strong and healthy. Make sure it's getting all nutrients.

Shiba Inu brushing teeth


Your pup is smart, but not smart enough to know about dental hygiene! Buy a pet toothbrush & paste.

Treat your dog with Greenies dental treats

Dental treats

Dogs use their mouths and teeth for so many things; it is important that their teeth stay healthy.

natural argan shampoo for dog

Dog Shampoo

This will be your best friend when your dog gets into a mess, gets things in its fur, or otherwise. Choose a gentle one.

Poop Bags

Don't leave you pup's poop on other people's yards! Carry these around with you everywhere you go with your pup.

Shiba Inu trained to smell by scent

Quality Harness

A pup needs training and security; a harness provides both for safe walks and adventures outside.

portrait shiba inu with red lease

Quality LEash

The better quality of leash it is, the less dangerous it'll be when you take your pup outside for a walk.

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