Wearable Dog Bath Towels and Robes

The Shiba Inu is good at cleaning itself, and is known to wail or give off a Shiba scream during bath-time. However, you can assure your pet that all is well if you allow it to dry off in its own cushy soft and absorbent bath towel or robe. That is why many Shibas and their canine friends love the following bath-time items.

The Snuggly Dog Towel Made of a Fast-drying 400gsm Microfiber Material, with Belt for Wearing as a Robe

Both you and your Shiba will love this towel and robe, as it allows your dog to dry off fast and therefore provides a more pleasant bathing experience. The material of the towel/robe is made with a 400gsm Microfiber material. 

Therefore, this product is the most luxurious and premium water-absorbent towel you can buy. Just place the towel on your Shiba after its bath. It will stay on your dog until he fully dries. This towel makes bathing safer and less messy as it prevents rapid cooling and keeps the interior of your car or furniture dry. The soft wrap-around belt increases the product use and versatility, as it can either be worn as a towel or a plush bathrobe. 

The towel comes with an adjustable toggle and button with elastic loop so you can place and secure the item around your dog’s neck. Customers who buy the towel are given a 100% money-back guarantee. The towel comes in blue and red, and is offered in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

Most dogs shake off water off their hair after their baths. Therefore, this towel and robe will prevent your Shiba from spattering water everywhere after it has been bathed. It also keeps your lovable companion dog from shivering.

Most reviews on Amazon rated this product five-stars and gave it good marks with respect to absorbency, a good value for the money, and its light weight. The main complaints came from customers who said that the towel bled, and that the product tended to slide from side-to-side, as you could not close it underneath. 

However, the towel can be tied with the wraparound belt, so the complain about sliding can be addressed. To prevent the dye from coloring your dog, it probably would be best to choose blue instead of red. A medium towel sells for $35.99. Read more about this product here.

The Bonawen Dog Bathrobe Made of Superabsorbent 100% Microfiber, Including Hood and Belt

This premium dog robe makes it easy to keep your Shiba Inu happier when bathing. Not only is the robe luxurious and superabsorbent, it comes in a variety of sizes, so you can fit the robe more easily to your dog. In this case, the robe is sized by an animal’s back length. For instance, a small size equals a back length of 15.7 inches while and medium size translates to a back length of 20 inches. A large back length and extra-large back length are 23 inches and 29 inches, respectively. Since a Shiba’s back length ranges from 23 inches to 28 inches, you would have to get a robe that is large or extra-large in size. The robe is available in light brown or blue.

You can use this dog towel/robe for grooming, or after-bath drying, or to keep your Shiba warm while traveling or at home. The robe is extremely absorbent, which makes drying your pet a breeze. Because of its thickness, it also protects your pet against any coldness after bathing or walking in the rain. If you want to ensure the health of your Shiba Inu, you need to buy this warm and absorbent towel and robe.

People ranked this robe high for its thickness, stretch, and softness. One reviewer said his dog merely liked wearing the robe because it was soft and warm. He hoped his pet’s reaction would extend to bath-time when the dog tended to squirm and move around. The comfort provided by the robe might help a Shiba feel better during and after bathing.

The main complaint about the robe related to its Velcro patch, which some customers said came off, making the robe unusable. However, while the sewing in this case, may have been substandard, they could have re-sewn the patch or added a snap closure to salvage the robe. The product sells for $30.99 if you choose a large size. You can read about its features here.

The EVEL Quick-Dry Dog Towel and Bathrobe Gown with Adjustable Strap

This quick-drying, luxurious dog robe comes in a wide range of sizes, including extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. You can even opt for extra-extra-extra-large.  The large size costs $21.99 while medium is priced at $18.99. Buy the XXL size for a Shiba. This size costs $24.99.

Featured in blue, this EVEL quick-dry dog robe is made of 80% polyester and 20% chinlon. The 320g material absorbs water fast, which improves dry times and prevents your Shiba from shivering. This robe is as luxurious as it is practical, as it can be machine washed and tumble-dried without any effect on its shape or good looks. Use the robe for grooming and bath-time, or to reduce your pet’s anxiety when it is kenneled or placed in its cage.

The robe features an adjustable elastic neck strap and high collar, thereby making it simple to take off and put on the accessory. You can also dry the hair on your dog’s head more easily. This robe, which features a Velcro-tail belt design, can be configured to your Shiba’s body size. In addition, the versatile item can be used as a dog pajama. The product is made for all breeds of dogs – small, medium, or large.To learn more about this highly popular road, follow this link online.

Most reviewers believed the product was well-made and that it was highly absorbent. They liked the fact that the robe and towel prevented their dog from shaking water all over the house. Some reviewers said they wrapped their dog in the robe to comfort it when it thunder-stormed. No comments were featured that contradicted these testimonials. 


All the above robes/towels represent good value for the money. If you want to get a robe that fits well and can be used to calm anxiety, the third product, seems to come the closest to meeting this objective.

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