The Best Dog Food for the Active Shiba Inu

Active dog breeds, like the Shiba Inu, need a different diet. To maintain good health, it is important to fuel them with energy-dense food to match their intensive lifestyle and to keep their bodies and muscles in good shape. 

Dog food supports strong joints, immunity, and muscle strength. This is why a dog’s meal should complement its daily activities. In the case of the active Shiba Inu, their food should have the perfect balance of proteins, fats, and essential nutrients for their skeletal structure and digestive systems. 

Here, we’ve listed the best dog food you can feed your active Shiba Inu! 

American Journey Active Life Formula Dry Dog Food

The American Journey Active Life Formula Dry Dog Food is a good value for fur parents who are on a budget. This dog food is formulated specifically for dogs living adventurous lives. 

Its first ingredient is deboned salmon for high-quality protein and is also rich in vegetables and fruits. All these ingredients are for strength, immunity, and are huge factors for their overall health. This dog food also contains fatty omegas for your Shiba’s skin and coat and its carbohydrates and fibers come from brown rice and barley. 

It is free from wheat, corn, soy, or artificial ingredients. 

VICTOR Professional Formula Dry Dog Food

Some dog food is made with unknown meat sources but VICTOR’s formulas are packed with 81% protein from meats. The meal has been cooked down, thus providing a direct protein source than whole meats. 

This dog food is not grain-free and includes alfalfa meal so keep note of this if your Shiba is experiencing gas or nausea. However, this combination of proteins and grains is more digestible for dogs. 

The VICTOR Professional Formula Dry Dog Food is filled with so much protein that it can be fed to all life stages, including puppies, and pregnant or lactating females. 

Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance Dry Dog Food is formulated for strength and long-lasting stamina, a perfect recipe for dogs who live an intensive and active life. 

The recipe is 30/20 mix, meaning 30% protein from real chicken, its first ingredient, and powered up with 20% fat from beef for increased energy. 

The beef fat is mixed with preservatives to keep it fresher, however, some dog owners might not prefer this. 

It’s not only filled with proteins and fat, but also amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. Aside from that, it also has glucosamine for the development of healthy joints. 

Eukanuba Premium Performance Adult Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba believes the best way to feed your dogs is by nourishing them like carnivores. This is why the Eukanuba Premium Performance Adult Dry Dog Food contains high-quality proteins from animal sources. 

This dog food is marketed towards adult dogs that have an athletic lifestyle and is meant to give them 100% of their daily nutritional needs. 

Eukanuba has increased the amount of protein in this recipe, which is 28% higher than its standard adult maintenance food. 

Diamond Hi-Energy Dog Food 

Another good value dog food is the Diamond Hi-Energy Dog Food. Though it has lower protein and fat (24% protein, 20% fat) than other dog food for active dogs, it is still enough to provide for your Shiba Inu’s health. 

It contains chicken by-product meal, a nutrient-dense ingredient, probiotics for digestive health, and omega fatty acids for skin, coat, joint, and heart health. It’s also a wonderful source of vitamin B12 to maintain your dog’s high energy level. 

Tiki Dog Wildz Lamb Recipe Dog Food 

The Tiki Dog Wildz Lamb Recipe Dog Food is a vet’s choice for active dogs. This is formulated as wet food and contains lamb muscle and organ meats. It has 34.5% protein and 37.9% fat, meaning it is incredibly high in nutrition. 

This dog food is grain-free, which might not be appropriate for all dog breeds. So best to consult your vet first and observe your Shiba’s reaction to it. 

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