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Short, over-the-phone testimonials from real Shiba Inu lovers.

We've always wanted to add a puppy to our family but we were scared to since we are busy with work and the kids too. Sometimes we would hear stories about pets not getting along with the children... but once we got our Lex and introduced her to the kids, they absolutely loved her and she is the sweetest dog even though our kids are young. We're in love with Lex for doing so well in joining our family. I don't think we could've found a more perfect pet for us.

Raising a dog is tough! I didn't know anything about how to raise or take care of a dog before I got my new Shiba. But I really wanted to do well in raising my first pet. The staff at NorCal Shibas were so helpful in sharing tips and advice with me. They guided me to online resources and videos and even recommended what kind of products would be good fits for her. I'm really thankful that the staff were nice and patient enough to help me learn. They went above and beyond, and you can tell that they do genuinely care of all the dogs they help re-home. Thank you NorCal Shiba staff for guiding me to my new best friend!

Prince has been the sweetest, most wonderful dog ever. He is so awesome with the kids and absolutely a joy to take with us to camping trips, walks, stores, even to work. The neighbors always stop us to say hi when we walk with him because he is just so cute, how could anyone not say hello! We love him so much! Thank you for helping us get the puppy we always wanted for our family. ​

When we first got to meet Mini, we fell in love with her! She had on a little bow and the cutest shirt, and we knew right then and there it was definitely worth making the drive to visit her and bring her home. Our daughter loves playing with and taking care of the new puppy. Thank you!!

​We’ve had Blake with us for about a month now and we are very lucky we got to find her! We kept looking online after different puppies but the price was too high, or the puppies seemed like they weren’t from good places. But this time, the entire adoption process was so smooth and effortless. Communication was always prompt and courteous, so it is difficult to say something bad about the experience.. Having Blake home makes us excited to run home after work every day. Now that we have her, it feels more like a complete family.

Before Justice came into our lives, we were always very anxious about inviting a new puppy into our lives. It just didn’t feel like we could bring one home to be our family until we saw Justice. Justice was so adorable and her sweet demeanor and playfulness captured our hearts immediately. The seller and the trainer who brought Justice were both very helpful and honest. They told us about the pros and cons of owning a Shibu Inu and gave us plenty of time to think about our decision until we were sure. Thank you for being so understanding and helpful! We are doing well with Justice and she has been the most adorable addition to our family.

​This is my honest review and my first pet. I have always been wanting a shiba inu after looking at countless instagram pictures. I know owning a dog, epsecially a shiba, is not an easy task, but I am really glad that I made the decision. The staff at NorCal Shiba are knowledgeable and genuinely have the love for all the puppies. They guided me through some basic instructions for a first time dog owner and walked with me into PetSmart to get some new supplies for my new friend. Thanks everyone!

Recently our family rehomed a white Shiba Inu from NorCal Shiba. We owned a Korean Jindo before. The pup we were able to rehome is just precious! It's encouraging to see their new website and their rehoming process. A staff has been contacting me since day-1 asking for updates on the pup we got and has been answering our hundreds of questions. Please do some research on the breed before purchasing. They are cute and loyal. The latter comes with time investment and patience.

My younger brother who is 9 really wanted a dog, and he himself is very introverted and doesnt have too much friend. So as i was researching, I came across Shiba inu and decided to give her a try. Choco has been a great friend a family to my younger brother, seeing him so happy running around in the park, not just staying home and watching tv is one of my greatest joy now : ) Now my whole family loves Choco and she is now part of the family! I really want to thank the staff for always checking up on Choco. So I honestly just wanted to thank you on behalf of the whole family.

Very lucky to come across the NorCal shiba website online. My boyfriend and I have been searching for a Shiba Inu for about a year. The owner, Eric, was very quick to respond and answer all of our questions that we had. We are so in love with our shiba pup. Overall, this was a great experience for us and we would 100% recommend.

There's a lot of places that offer to help find dogs, connect you to breeders, find "the perfect match", etc. and even more when you search through forums. It's an overwhelming process.. so I asked a friend instead and she recommended I contact this family. I like that they are very local and hands on with the puppies and families they help. I got to see pictures of how they are and ask as many questions as I wanted which was comforting to know that I'll be getting a happy healthy puppy. They're really honest about what it'll take to raise a Shiba (it's not all just taking cute pics and dressing them up). Thank you for my new puppy who keeps me busy and happy 🙂

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