5 Tips and Tricks on How To Successfully Socialize a Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds in Japan. They might be the smallest, and they are always cheery and bright. But they are not the easiest to train. 

These dogs are known to be escape artists. They simply love challenges when it comes to running around. They were bred as hunters originally so they have a natural tendency to do things on their own.

Shibas do not like being kept far from their family members. If you are thinking of putting them in cages, think again. They will run away and find ways to go back home. 

Socialization is the key for Shiba Inus. They need training, so they can learn crucial skills in interacting with people and others. This one will help you and them live without boundaries in a happy and peaceful environment. 

We have the best tips and tricks to help you. Find out how you can socialize your Shiba Inus properly.

How to Socialize a Shiba Inu

1. Giving young age socialization

Socialize a Shiba Inu

All dogs have a puppy developmental stage. During this time, the pup gets training to know what is right and wrong. Their future behavior, temperament, and overall tendencies will be based on it. 

Shiba Inus’ puppyhood is an essential part for their owners due to the above reason. As they grow, their independence will show more. It is harder to curb, so grab the chance when they are still young. 

Eight to twelve weeks is the most recommendable stage to give a lasting impact for Inus. Be a more responsible owner here, and you will have an excellent companion until the end. 

The period is also the time when Inus are weaned from their mother. They will depend mainly on their owners now. Do not be overly excited, and let them warm up right away with your family members.

Always remember that these dogs still have the most wilder instincts. Familiarize them with their people and environment. It will help in reducing fear and anxiety. Accordingly, these two are the causes of aggression.

If you have children at home, let them meet. Let them grow together with your guidance. It will bring bonding experiences. Those will make the dogs more devoted than ever. 

2. Attending Obedience Class

Aside from rearing your pup at home well, they can attend puppy school and start obedience training. It will aid more in developing a good demeanor. You are laying the foundation now on how you will get a stress-free furry family member. 

The puppy school will give your Shiba Inus time to meet other dogs and people. While with them, the class will be supervised. Anything inappropriate is not tolerated in the obedience class. Hence, they will know when they are wrong.

When destructive behaviors are avoided ahead of time, Inus will not display them as they grow older. Humping, anxiety, biting, dominance will be weaned away from them. They will have more good habits in replacement of them.

Some older dogs may attend the class also. With it in mind, these training centers offer this kind of service for owners who got their pets late. These dogs will meet others of their age and size. Although, the class won’t be as effective as it is when they are still younger. 

For some tips in attending dog schools, be patient as an owner. Your pets will massively depend on your commitment. You can’t stop in the middle because it is a nuisance. You are building a promising future for your household with it. 

3. Scheduling regular play dates

After attending an obedience class, meet other dogs still. Give your pup a structured play schedule where they see others. It will make them learn more and ease aggressiveness.

Build a community with other fur parents near you. These people might be others you met in the dog school. In some cases, there is a broad dog community already in a few places. You can approach them and attend their playdates. 

There are events made for dogs too nowadays. There are pet stores and pet facilities initiating fun runs, dog festivals, and many others. These are great opportunities to get your dog active while enjoying different things.

4. Going to dog parks

Bonding is a great way to socialize Shiba Inus too. When we say bonding, a quick run or walk to the dog park is also great. This one is the easiest thing to do here because you do not need to mind anyone.

Take your time; dog parks are often available at any time of the day. Your quick spree could happen even after your work or even before it.

This is also an excellent opportunity if you want them to spend time with other family members. With the dog, have a good time playing around and staying for a picnic. Bring loads of food and plan several activities.

Your Shiba Inus will not only love going wild this time. They will have a wonderful time spending the day with their whole pack.

To make a memorable and enjoyable day, there are few things you need to know. Make sure that your dog feels great before going to the park. Check for any health issues first. Better feed them ahead of time too.

Your location must be well planned also. Find a place where there are fewer people and animals.

5. Going to doggy daycare

Doggy daycares are places where we can leave out Shiba Inus. Owners usually do it when they need to go to work or go somewhere necessary. It is a possible location to socialize as well.

In daycares, these are always supervised by trained individuals. Do not fear if you will need to bring your Inu here. They often have the best care and facilities. They will be comfortable while having fun. Think like you get your child to play with some friends. It is technically the same. 

There are a lot of activities done in doggy daycares. The dogs will have lots of similar events where they will spend their energy levels. There are playgroups, and sometimes they even exercise with hurdles and others.

Any untoward behaviors will not be tolerated. More so, the attendant will break these kinds of things. Any dominant act is recorded along with destructive tendencies. In some cases, the dogs are taken from others when they show it. This one is their time out until they agree with others again. 

More Tips for Shiba Inu Owners

1. Do not tolerate aggression

Most owners go over and beyond when it comes to their Shiba Inus. When it comes to their behavior, set up their boundaries ahead of time. Do not let them do what they want. Make good tendencies their habits. 

2. Structure healthy habits

Being overweight is common for dogs. Your Shiba Inus might look cute when they are meatier, yet it is unhealthy. Think about their health first and do something about it. Jogging is an excellent way to ease their anxiety and to spend their energy level. Give them healthy meals too.

3. Don’t leave Inus on their own 

Dogs are social animals. If you want a healthy one, give them love and time. Shiba Inus love spending time with their human companions. When you leave them for a long time, it brings depressive emotions.

The emotions will result in destructive behaviors. Avoid leaving them long to curb this problem. Nourish their mind and body together. 

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