Pregnant Shiba Inu: 9 Signs to Look Out For and How to Care

You’ll quickly realize that a pregnant Shiba Inu shares similar traits to a pregnant woman. Just like how women get when they are pregnant, a pregnant dog also experiences changes in hormones, weight, appetite, and behavior. 

Many pregnancy signs don’t appear until the first month is nearly over so if you have suspicions of your Shiba Inu being pregnant, it’s best to bring them to the veterinarian for a check-up. 

It’s also important to know that pregnant Shiba Inu, or generally pregnant dogs, need more love, affection, and attention during their pregnancy. They are not allowed to participate in strenuous activities and their diet and medication should be closely monitored and as prescribed by the vet. 

Don’t self-medicate and self-diagnose and consult your vet if you have queries about your pregnant Shiba Inu. 

If you are looking for basic information about Shiba Inu and pregnancy, we can definitely help a fellow fur parent out.

Signs of Pregnancy in Shiba Inu

Knowing the signs can help you identify if your Shiba Inu is pregnant or not. And if you do, this also gives you the chance to care for them as early as their first month. 

Unless you are an experienced breeder, you might not even notice that your dog is already pregnant, especially since dogs can be discreet about their mating tendencies. 

Here are 9 signs of dog pregnancy you can look out for: 

  • Increased appetite or decreased appetite due to hormonal changes
  • Weight gain
  • Increased nipple size
  • Swollen belly
  • Easily tired out
  • Nesting 
  • Affectionate (or more affectionate)
  • Irate
  • Vaginal discharge

Also, remember that one month into its pregnancy, she will begin to have vaginal discharge. Aside from that, she might also vomit and have a sudden decrease in appetite for the first few weeks because of hormonal changes. 

If you have suspicions that your Shiba Inu is indeed pregnant, immediately consult your veterinarian. An ultrasound or an endocrine test to detect pregnancy hormones will confirm its pregnancy. 

Pregnant Shiba Inu

Behaviors of a Pregnant Shiba Inu

You will notice that pregnant dogs will have behavioral changes as well. This is mostly due to hormonal changes and natural motherly instincts. 

Shiba Inu are active and energetic dogs but during their pregnancy, they might become lethargic and less active. They might also have a decrease in appetite. However, keep an eye on this decreased appetite since too much can cause pregnancy complications. 

Pregnant Shiba Inus might also scratch at the floor and others might begin to hoard food and other things. In addition, they might also develop nesting tendencies. 

How to Care for a Pregnant Shiba Inu?

To ensure the optimal health of your pregnant Shiba Inu, it is important to know how to take care of her. 

Proper Nutrition

One of the most important things you need to oversee with your pregnant Shiba Inu is to ensure that she gets proper nutrition. If your Shiba Inu already leads a healthy lifestyle, with good food and appropriate weight, prior to her pregnancy then there’s no need to make changes to her diet for the first two-thirds of her pregnancy, unless your vet tells you so. 

During the last weeks of her pregnancy where her weight gradually increases, veterinarians would usually recommend slowly increase her food intake, until about 35 to 50 percent more than her usual servings. Take note, slowly increase by feeding her small, frequent meals. 


For creeding purposes, some veterinarians would recommend that you limit strenuous activities for the first two weeks of gestation, believing that this will strengthen embryos implementation. 

After that, normal exercise is deemed fine until your Shiba Inu’s belly is enlarged. During her last trimester, limit the strenuous activities and instead, shift into shorter and frequent walks. Do not overstimulate your pregnant Shiba Inu but also don’t her become inactive. Estimate the right amount of exercise and physical activities, including light playtime. 

Vet Visits

Veterinarians know best to regularly take your pregnant Shiba Inu to the vet for her regular check-up and vaccinations. Consult your vet on what to do in case of emergencies, especially near the time of delivery. 

In the case of accidental pregnancy, you can also consult your veterinarian for spaying your Shiba Inu.

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