Portable Dog Paw Cleaners and Washers

If your Shiba Inu likes the outdoors, or treads the streets in the rain, you need to make sure you clean his paws, once he returns. A paw dog cleaner/washer will make it possible for you to avoid a mess in your house and will also make cleaning you Shiba’s paws much easier. The following products highlight some of the amenities associated with these dog paw cleaning devices.

The Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner and Washer

You can get this portable paw cleaner and washer in 3 sizes, or small, medium, or large. The medium-sized MudBuster measures 6 inches in height and 4 inches wide. To use the paw cleaner, you first need to add some lukewarm water along with maybe a few drops of doggy shampoo. Insert your Shiba Inu’s muddy paw, twist the appliance, then towel dry the paw. Don’t forget to repeat for the other three paws, or you’ll defeat the whole purpose of the exercise.

This product contains gentle silicone bristles, which assist in removing mud and dirt form your dog’s paws. Therefore, the muddy mess stays inside the MudBuster, and is not tracked throughout your house or across your furniture. You will want to keep the dog cleaner/washer handy if you go to the park, or take hikes and walks. Keep the device at your backdoor, so you can clean your Shiba’s paws before entering the house. The highly rated product is free of BPA.

The device also comes in various colors, including blue, pro blue, fuchsia green, light gray, or pink. Therefore, you can choose a paw cleaner in a favorite shade. When you use the muddy paw cleaner, give your Shiba a treat every time he complies with cleaning his paws. That way, he will get used to the process and paw cleaning will eventually become a routine activity.

People who used this product gave it high ratings, and said it cut paw cleaning time in half. When there was a problem, it had to do with the size of the product. Therefore, make sure you get the right size for your Shiba Inu dog. For example, the large sized MudBuster is designed for large dogs, and measures 8.85 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide. As noted, the medium MudBuster is sized at 6 inches in height and 4 inches wide. The small MudBuster measures 4.3 inches tall and 3.65 inches across.

The small MudBuster sells for $11.00 while the medium-sized paw cleaner/washer is priced at $12.44. The large MudBuster is $16.99. Learn more about this paw cleaner here.

Ocean Home Dog Paw Cleaner, Including Towel and Dog Brush Cup 

This medium sized cleaner is listed at $11.99 and comes in the color blue. It is made of silicone and plastic, and is ideal for removing the sand and mud from your dog’s paws. Once you begin using this product, your Shiba Inu will no longer leave footprints on the furniture, carpeting, and floors. 

This product is designed for simplicity. Just fill the paw cleaner with water and perhaps a few drops of dog shampoos. Insert your dog’s paw, then move the cleaner up and down while rotating it simultaneously. Afterwards, use the towel that is included with the cleaner to pat your dog’s paws dry. This dog washing cup makes it much easier for you to clean your Shiba’s paws – no more using the bath tub or pricey baby wipes. 

This brand of paw cleaner is environmentally friendly as well as sturdy. The tough yet elastic silicone bristles remove mud and sand without injuring your companion dog’s paws. The device is also free of bad substances, such as BPA.

The easy-use device is simple to clean as well. All you need to do is unfasten the lid and remove the silicone brush for washing and rinsing. Use the paw cleaner when you hike, camp, or take your Shiba walks on snowy or rainy days. It also can be used for getting rid of the salt that settles on your dog’s paws on winter days.

This product stands at 6.5 inches, and is primarily designed for cleaning the paws of small and medium dogs. Don’t use it on young puppies. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it for a complete refund.

Most customers found this product satisfactory to use. However, the people who had complaints generally did not buy the right size for their dog. Nevertheless, this medium-sized product should work out fine for cleaning your Shiba’s paws. Find out more about using it by clicking this link.

Upgrade 2 in 1 Dog Paw Cleaner and Grooming Brush with Towel and Silicone Dog Foot Washer by Paw Legend

This product comes in small, large, and extra-large sizes. The price is $8.99 for the small or large paw washers, and $9.99 for the extra-large 2-in-1 paw cleaner and grooming brush. You can save an additional 10% by applying a coupon featured on the Amazon site. This premium pet paw cleaner is made of soft silicone bristles, and, like the other paw cleaners, is free of BPA. 

Add water and a little dog shampoo, and place your Shiba’s paw inside the washer, moving the paw up and down, before removing it and drying it. After you clean each paw, dab each paw dry with a towel. Replace the water for each paw you wash to get the best results. Unscrew the paw cleaner’s lid and take out the brush for brushing the dog’s hair, when needed. The soft silicone bristle technology efficiently eliminates bits of mud, sand, and dirt, and even the stubborn-most particles. Not only will your Shiba’s paws be cleaner, so will your floors, carpet, and furniture.

This product received good to excellent reviews from customers, averaging 4 stars for about 907 ratings. One customer bought 4 of the paw cleaning cups, so he would not have to change the water in one cup. That way, he was able to easily use one cup for each paw. Given that the cup and scrubbing brush device is inexpensive ($8.99 to $9.99), that is not a bad idea. Buy the large paw cleaner for your Shiba Inu. 

Find out more about this device here. Choose from 3 pastel colors – green, pink, or blue, when you place your order online.


All of the products are very similar, if not equal, in design. If you want to get the most for your money, choose the third-listed Upgrade Paw Legend 2-in-1 cleaner that only sells for $8.99. As indicated, you can easily buy four paw cleaners/cups at that low price and have one available for each paw of your dog. 

In fact, you can add the water or water and dog shampoo before you walk your Shiba Inu. That way, you will have the paw cleaners waiting for you when you return from a rainy or snowy day walk, or after you take a stroll across a dirt path or sandy shore.

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