Items that Will Help You Stay Organized When Walking Your Shiba Inu

Things can get messy and rather jumbled up if you walk your Shiba without wearing some type of doggy pack organizer. Therefore, before you run out of the house to walk the dog, make sure you are prepared for your adventure. provides products that will take care of your dog walking and running organizational needs. These products can be used by Shiba Inu parents as well as professional dog walkers.

The FreshStart DogiPack

This hands-free organizer makes it possible for you to dispense treats, play fetch, or pet your Shiba Inu without worrying about holding onto the dog’s waste bags and other necessary items. The reviewers of this item give the product high praise. Part of the purchase price of  $32.99 goes to dog rescue organizations as well.

What this Dog Pack Organizer Features

You can remain the alpha dog on your regular dog walk when you wear the FreshStart DogiPack on your daily excursion. This product features the following amenities:

  • An organizational design that keeps your water bottle, waste bags, phone, ID, doggy bowl, and doggy toys separated and safe. 
  • An improved dog walking experience when multiple dogs are walked.
  • A fashionable pouch that adds a bit of style to your dog walking experience.

If you only walk your Shiba Inu now, this handy organizational pack may incentivize you to walk dogs for a living, as it gives you more control when exercising with your pet.

What the DogiPack Includes

When you receive the DogiPack, you will get the following as well:

  • Collapsible bowl
  • A carabiner for a leash, mace, or keys
  • Waste bags
  • Pocket ID for carrying your identification or cash
  • Reflective webbing around the belt

Most people love the product’s design, but some admit that the product is made more for people of an average size. Some reviewers said the belt was too big for someone under 110 pounds with a smaller 24-inch waste. Nonetheless, you can still adjust the accessory with a clip, if that is a problem. You can learn more details about this highly-rated Amazon product here.

The Neewa Dog Walking Belt with Collapsible Bowl and Pocket Holder

If you want to run or walk with your Shiba Inu, you might consider the Neewa Dog Walking Belt that features a removable pocket. This pocket allows you to carry your I.D., cash, waste bags, and treats. You can use the walking belt to stay hands-free while you walk your canine as well.

Some of the Product Highlights

Highlights of this walking accessory include the following:

  • Use the product with a waist leash to run with your dog, or as a hands-free walking belt.
  • The dog leash belt is constructed with padding and polypropylene for cushioning the lower back.
  • The design is both sturdy and durable, making this product both long-lasting and practical.
  • The product is non-allergic, as it is made with a cotton lining that reduces reactions to chafing or rashes.
  • A shock absorber at the front of the belt, prevents problems with jerking, which can harm both the dog and runner/walker.
  • The removable pocket on the belt can be used to hold items, such as doggy treats or your cell phone.
  • A collapsible bowl comes with the bag, so your dog can get water while you are walking or running.

You can get this handy doggy belt for around $45.95. The belt and organizer can be used for canicross training (cross country running with your pet) and hiking. If you love to run or hike with your dog, this is the brand to choose. According to the Amazon website, this belt can fit a 75-pound child or a 200-pound man.

Most reviewers loved this product, commenting that it was durable, comfortable, and works perfectly for their needs. You can judge for yourself by visiting the Amazon website now.

 DogGoods Hands Free Dog Leash Fanny Pack and Dog Walking Belt

This product combines major features of the first two items, as it can be used to organize dog-walking and running items, and can be used to run with or walk you Shiba Inu. This premium Amazon product sells for around $39.98.

This handy hands-free walking belt and fanny pack is designed for walking or running with large or small dogs. Therefore, you can customize its use for your particular needs. The product comes with a flexible plastic bungee leash that attaches to the waist, as well as the following:

  • Dog treat bag for carrying doggy treats
  • Dog training pouch
  • Water bottle and water bottle holder
  • Poop bag dispenser
  • An all-in-once dispenser – foldable dog water bowl, food bowl, and belt bag
  • Multi-purpose pouch for mobile phone, cash, and I.D.
  • Carabiner hook for keys

You can use the adjustable belt for your dog’s leash while running and as a fanny pack. This product features MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) attachments in the form compatible dog gear and a leash belt. The pockets normally will fit standard sized cell phones, such as iPhones and Androids, but usually are a little small for larger smart phone designs. 

People loved the product and frequently gave it 5 stars because many said it offered everything you needed when walking or running with your pup. Reviewers also liked the plastic bungee leash and the hands-free design.

A legal disclaimer comes with this product, stating that it may be a fall hazard. The manufacturer warns the user to make sure everything is secured before using the belt and fanny pack. Also, the seller advises that you don’t use the belt when navigating slippery surfaces. Learn more about this product here.


While all the above products have their pros and cons, the first product, the FreshStart DogiPack, has a more useful and safe design. If you wish to run cross country with your dog, you may want to consider the Neewa belt, if that is your primary goal. The DogGoods fanny pack and belt is a good product, and includes a nice bungee leash. However, if your goal is to stay safely organized while walking your dog, you should give more weight to the FreshStart DogiPack product.

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