How to Keep your Shiba Inu Calm During Fireworks

Fireworks are so much fun but for your Shiba Inu? Not so much. The bright flashes and extremely loud noises can be scary for your dogs. This can cause them to shake, howl, and bark. Some even get hysterical! 

But, with events like the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, fireworks are inevitable. In fact, it is believed that Independence Day is the celebration that has the highest number of dogs who’ve run away. This is why it is important to always check on them if you are celebrating a festive occasion. 

The good news is you can prevent unfortunate incidents like this by taking precautions that’ll help your dog from going frantic during fireworks. 

Why dogs are afraid of fireworks

According to research, 40% of dogs have noise-related phobias that can lead to stress and affect your dog’s overall health. It can also physically hurt your dog’s hearing. 

Here are the reasons why dogs are afraid of fireworks. 

Fireworks are loud

Dogs have amazing hearing. If they can hear the slightest crinkle of food wrappers from different parts of the house, then surely the loud boom of the fireworks is noise overload in their ears. 

Fireworks are unpredictable

As humans, we know when fireworks are about to go off. But, dogs don’t nor do they know why it’s happening. Also, fireworks look different every time and go off at random intervals, so dogs can’t get used to them. 

How to Keep your Shiba Inu Calm During Fireworks 

Here are things you can do to keep your Shiba Inu calm during fireworks. 

Don’t bring your Shiba Inu to a fireworks show

First things first, don’t take your Shiba Inu to fireworks shows, and don’t leave them outside when you know there will be fireworks going off. If you know they don’t react well to loud noises, like thunder and fireworks, keep them inside. 

Create a safe space

Create a safe space where your dog can retreat during times he is frightened by fireworks. 

Dogs are den animals. Naturally, they will look for a place where they can hide when they are in danger. 

Set up a quiet space away from the windows, like the basement or a big closet, so they can’t see or hear the fireworks and provide them with their favorite toys or treats for comfort. 

You can also use a crate if that’s where your dog feels safe, otherwise, don’t lock them in there as it can cause more stress. 

Play a background noise

When fireworks are going off outside, playing white noise in the background can mask its terrifying sound. You can turn on the TV, or the radio, or play classical music that’ll help calm him down. 

According to Jenn Stanley, a certified behavior consultant and professional dog trainer, the classical music called ‘Through a Dog’s Ear’ have shown to have calming effects on dogs. 

Comfort your dog

If possible, stay home with your dog or leave them in trusted hands (should also be someone they are familiar with). 

Remain calm and use a soothing voice while petting them. Never, ever, show you are panicking in any way as your dog can pick up your emotions and if you are frantic, they will not calm down as well. 

You should be calm and assuring at all times. 

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