Halloween Costumes for your Shiba Inu

Adopting or having a dog can be really challenging at times. It comes with a lot of responsibilities that you need to fulfill and tasks that need to be done. When you are a fur parent, it’s totally understandable that you would only want the best for your dog babies. That goes for every single little thing about them from food to living area to toys and even in their clothes. Giving time to think about the details and specifications of these things can greatly improve our dog’s condition.

Before you dive into the wonders of dog products, it’s nice to know more about your dog’s breed first. If you are reading this now, it’s already a given that you have a Shiba Inu dog. This dog breed is very well known for being really clean with their own selves and their surroundings. They try their best to avoid being messy or dirty in everything that they do. Shiba Inu dogs are a very fastidious dog breed that does not require too much grooming as they only shed heavily for two times a year. Buying your dog’s things can be pretty if you have a Shiba Inu dog.

There are a lot of things that a fur parent should consider in buying things for their fur babies. We tend to keep their best intentions in mind and simply choose the things that we feel will suit our dog best. There are some things to consider such as quality, price, size, and compatibility to name a few. But have you ever experienced buying something just because you think it’s too cute and you just can’t resist doing so? This is something that normally happens when a fur parent buys things for a fur baby. If you ever want to find out what are the best and cutest things to buy for your Shiba Inu dog then do not worry, we’re here to help you find the best products without compromising on quality.


It’s pretty normal that when we talk about the cutest things to buy for your dog, the first thing that comes into mind for most people is clothes and costumes. There are a lot of pet stores that have now been offering dog clothes and costumes that will surely make your dog look fashionable as ever. Check out our list here for the most fashionable and probably the cutest dog clothes and costumes that you would surely want to avail for your Shiba Inu dog.

California Costumes Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume

ups dog costume

Deliver good looks with this next costume. Make your dog look every bit of a delivery man with this Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume. This clothing comes in four different sizes from XS to Large so you won’t have to worry about finding the best piece that suits your Shiba Inu dog. There are makeshift hands carrying an Ups box that will certainly help your dog look the part. Let your dog play the part and show it off to your community with cute pictures. Check it out here.

Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

dog costume jedi star wars

May the force be with you, literally. Unleash the inner Star Wars fan in your dog with this adorable Jedi Robe Pet Costume. This classic look comes in four different sizes that you can choose from to which your dog will fit into. Make sure to check out the size chart provided by the manufacturer to find the best size that will suit your fur baby. Let your Shiba Inu dog rock this look and look every bit of a Jedi. Check it our here.

Dog Cat Vest Letter & Number Casual

dog costume number and letter

Let’s face it, everybody loves having their own jersey, including dogs. This athletic clothing can make your dog look like a pro at any time of the day. It comes in 12 different colors, just enough to give you a lot of different options to choose from. This can also be suitable for when your dog grows bigger as there are size options from XS to XXXXXXL that can surely fit any size of your dog since Shiba Inu dogs are known to be a very small breed compared to others. Make sure to grab one of this clothing and make your dog look sporty as ever. Check it out here.

Cat Dog Sweater Hoodie Sweatshirt Letter & Number Windproof Sports Winter Dog Clothes

dog costume hoodie sweatshirt

Is your dog feeling cold during the winter? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered. Make your dog feel warm and look fashionable at the same time with this sweater hoodie sweatshirt. It even comes with seven different colors to choose from that will certainly make your Shiba Inu dog look on point, even during winter. The best part about this is that your dog can still wear it even during the summer as the lightweight material won’t make your dog feel too hot during this season.  You can choose the size out of the six sizes available from XS to double XL. Let your dog look stylish with this chic outfit. Check it out here.

Rubies Costume Ghostbusters Movie Collection Pet Costume

dog costume ghostbusters

Who are you gonna call? Yep, that’s right. Make your dog look like the part and get him or her a Ghostbusters Movie Collection Pet Costume. You will have the option to choose from either the Ghostbuster Jumpsuit or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man costume that are both available in five different sizes to choose from. However, this item sells out quickly so make sure that the variation you want is still available before hitting the buy option. If you’re having difficulties in choosing the size of the product that you want to buy, Rubies offer a size chart for dogs that you can use as a reference. Check it out here.

Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume Set

pandaloon dog costume

Ever dreamt of having a panda but can’t get one? No problem, we got you! Experience the inner panda that your dog might have with this Pandaloon panda dog costume set that has a full-length hoodie costume, bamboo accessory, and fit instructions. There are also other options that you can purchase based on your Shiba’s color like the bunny, the lion, and the bear. The cute expressions of your dog plus their own charm itself perfectly suit this outfit. Check it out here.

Rubies Robin Pet Costume

robin dog costume

Level up your dog’s charm with this Teen Titan Robin costume. Make him look smart and filled with a sense of leadership as he wears the iconic red shirt with green sleeves, plus a detachable cape and eye mask that would complete the look. This can be perfect for costume parties, and who knows? Maybe he can meet the doggo version of Batman who trained and made Robin as his sidekick in the Teen Titans Series! The photo of them together could be a great one. Check it out here.

Rubies Costume Company Sushi Pet Costume

sushi dog costume

Hungry for sushi? Calm down, as it may be your dog pretending to be one. Try this sushi pet costume which includes a soft and plush nigiri jumpsuit and a headband that has a Japanese sun detail. Let your cute buddy be the sushi master of its dreams. A cute or wacky pose can complete this look which can give you the “You think I’m a sushi? Nope, just a cutie” look. Check it out here.

Rubie’s Paw Patrol Marshall Dog Costume

paw patrol dog costume

Do you have children who are a big fan of the cartoon show Paw Patrol? Well, you’re in luck because we have the best costume for your Shiba Inu dog. Paw Patrol has been a hit nowadays and we can’t deny how cute it’s combination is with our furry friends. Have a fun walk or a cute picture with your furbaby as he wears this officially licensed Paw Patrol Chase costume that is composed of a blue jacket with badges, a police hat, and of course, a cute and tiny backpack. Make your dog look every bit like Chase from the cartoon tv series. Come and let your dog join Paw Patrol with their future adventures! Check it out here.

Rubies WWF Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

dog costume dc heroes

Your little superstar wanted to try something new? How about being a superhero? This Wonder Woman costume will surely give a glimpse of how Gal Gadot felt like wearing an outfit like these. Finish it up with a few stunning shots and poses and see how your little sweetie’s beauty was complemented by this look. Check it out here.

Rubie’s Costume Co Business Suit Pet Costume

dog costume business suit

If you are looking for something your dog can wear for shows or for photography purposes, this one could give your dog a professional look as it features a blue suit with an attached white collar, along with a red necktie. Make your pup look like he’s on his way to the office while looking cool on this outfit. Take note that not all pets will fit in this costume which is why it is recommended to consult Rubie’s Pet Size Chart and measuring instruction video first before purchasing.  Check it out here.

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