A Quick Guide to Grooming your Shiba Inu

One of the best ways you can show your dog love and affection is by properly and regularly grooming them. Aside from keeping them clean and attractive, you are also making sure they are healthy by avoiding health conditions brought by bacteria and dirt. Grooming your Shiba Inu is not difficult, but it does require time and patience.

Bathing a Shiba Inu

When getting a new dog, it is important that you should know its hair and skin type to make an informed decision on how often they need bathing. This is because being bathed too often can dry their skin. This is true with some types of coats such as wire-coated or double-coated breeds.  

In the case of a Shiba Inu, they are double-coated breeds. This means they can be bathed as frequently as once a week to up to every six weeks. 

After bathing, use proper drying techniques. A lot of pet owners make the common mistake of recklessly drying their dog’s fur. 

Allow the coat to air dry slowly. Breeds like the Shiba Inu need an ample amount of time for their fur and skin to cool off, or else, there’s a possibility of them developing yeast infections from heat exposure and hot spots irritated by dampness. 

Brushing a Shiba Inu

Grooming your Shiba Inu

Some owners would skip brushing, but it is an important grooming step. 

Shiba Inus need their double-coats to be brushed regularly – at least once a week. Brushing them regularly helps remove loose hair and distribute natural oil throughout their fur. Aside from that, it also prevents matting and tangles. The perfect brush for removing mats is a brush with rubber on one side. 

Brushing needs to be a part of, not only within Shiba Inus, but all dog breeds with wire-coats or double-coats. 

Ear cleaning for Shiba Inu

Just like humans, a dog’s ear should be kept clean and dry. If you see a dark discharge coming out from the ear, you need to consult your veterinarian. There’s a possibility of infection or medical condition if this is the case. 

Invest in good dog ear cleaning products and maintain the cleanliness of your dog’s ears, especially if they are prone to excess moisture, wax build-up, yeast overgrowth, and other ear problems. 

Nail and hair trimming a Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu’s nails need regular trimming. You can ask your groomer how often it needs to be trimmed or you can consult a veterinarian. 

Another important part of grooming is trimming the hair around a Shiba Inu’s face and paws. By trimming hair in these areas, you are stopping mats from forming. If not, you are setting up your dog for skin irritation and infection. 

The tool you can use for this step is a pair of small scissors that you can purchase at a local pet store or a groomer’s shop. 

However, if you are unsure of how to go on trimming and cleaning the paw areas, we recommend that you bring your dog to the groomers and have it professionally done. 

Trimming is especially needed if your Shiba Inu has long hair that can get in the way of paw use, such as around the face and paws. Clippers and brushing using a comb are also needed to remove matting in these areas. 

Dental hygiene for Shiba Inu

To keep your dog’s mouth fresh and healthy, it’s important to practice regular teeth brushing. You can give your Shiba Inu dental chews or dental treats, as these will help clean away plaque that has formed around the teeth. These usually contain natural enzymes that break bacteria. 

If you notice your Shiba Inu sporting a brownish film over their tongue, it could be suffering from periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gums and bone that supports their teeth. It is a serious condition and should be treated immediately by a vet.

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