Shiba Inus Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known

Shiba Inus are a bundle of joy, love, and care. It doesn’t matter what breed they belong to. It’s safe to say that we all know that.

However, every dog breed brings a set of unique characteristics to the table. The same goes for Shiba Inu as well. Here are some interesting facts about Shiba Inus that may surprise you!

A Shiba Inu offers all the things you like in a dog. And, that doesn’t stop there. Here are a few things that make this breed special.

strong personality of shiba inus

1. Shiba Inus Have Strong Personalities

You may not be aware of it, but dogs are very similar to humans. They share a lot of personality traits with us.

Shiba Inus possess strong yet obedient personalities. You may even go ahead one step and say they’re a bit reserved in nature.

However, they don’t back away from loving their human. Actually, when a Shiba bonds with you, their love knows no limits.

2. Shiba Inus Have a Unique Look

A fox, that is not actually a fox. Oh yeah, that’s how a Shiba Inu looks. The cute looks of a fox and the ever-charming personality of a dog, that’s what you get with this breed.

If you’re a sucker for exotic things, go and get yourself a Shiba. You can even trick your neighbor into thinking you’ve gotten a fox!

A Shiba Inu looks compact, and their hair color varies from black to yellow-gold to white.

clean and calm shiba inus

3. They are Clean and Calm

Yes, we know that Shibas shed, but Shiba Inus also love cleaning themselves. They’re those dogs that don’t hate getting a bath.

With this dog, you don’t have to worry all the time, if they’re playing out in the yard. Because when they’re done with their playtime, they clean themselves.

Nope, they don’t spoil your couch with their dirty feet.

A Shiba Inu is persnickety when it comes to cleanliness. Not only does it clean itself like a cat, it also can go through puppy potty training relatively fast. In fact, the Shiba Inu does not like anything messy or unclean. It may even want to go potty in the park, away from its own residence!

If you own another pet, the Shiba may take to grooming its coat as well. That makes brushing or bathing your dog a cinch. Except for the times it sheds, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on grooming. Bathing too often can hurt the Shiba’s delicate skin.

Also, they’re very calm dogs. Unless they see a stranger, they usually remain calm. You don’t have to deal with all the barks and howls. How soothing it is?!

Shiba Inus are loving and playful

4. Shiba Inus are Loving and Playful

Like almost all other doggo breeds, Shiba Inus also love their humans to the moon and back.

It might take a bit of time for you both to bond. But, once that’s done and dusted, you get yourself a loyal friend.

Moreover, this dog loves to play. They live longer when they get regular playtime, which keeps physical ailments at bay.

Throw that ball, I say!

5. Shiba Inus Do Not Bark

While it is true the Shiba Inu does not bark, that does not mean it is not a good companion dog and watch dog. You can train the Shiba dog commands that make it an outstanding protector. The Shiba Inu does not bark, but it is far from quiet. It can vocalize quite readily. In fact, it will wail with a high-pitched voice when things don’t please it and let you know, by whining, when it wants attention. Therefore, the dog may not bark but it certainly can produce doggy sounds, if prompted.

6. The Shiba Inus is the National Treasure of Japan

In Japan, people consider the Shiba Inu the ideal companion dog. Therefore, it is often a resident in urban dwellings or inhabits of those who live alone. People love the fox-like dog for its courage, loyalty, and protective and independent nature.

7. The Shiba Inus Double Coat Regulates Its Body Temperature

The double coat of the Shiba Inu regulates its body temperature, so it is important that you never shave any part of the coat. Otherwise, the dog can become ill, as shaving throws its temperature regulation off balance. While the undercoat will shed during part of the year, it is a natural process. Therefore, it is best to leave the coat alone unless the dog is having surgery.

When the dog sheds, it really sheds. In fact, don’t be surprised, if you see tufts of the dog’s coat floating around the house. When shedding takes place, you will need to brush your Shiba to reduce the effects of shedding. Another name for shedding is called blowing coat. In fact, during the dog’s semi-annual shedding, it will lose so much undercoat, you will think your poor Shiba must be wasting away. However, don’t worry. It will regain its furry and huggable appearance eventually.

8. The Shiba Inus Has a Higher Incidence of Dental Disease

Compared to other dogs, the Shiba Inu is more likely to suffer from gum disease. Make sure you practice good dental care if you adopt a Shiba companion dog, as older Shibas have trouble with periodontitis.

9. The Shiba Inu Is a Challenge to Train

The Shiba Inu’s stubborn temperament and sensitive nature can make it hard to train. Therefore, you have to use extreme patience when training your companion dog. Make sure you give it treats and lavish it with praise when it does what you want. Use a gentle yet firm voice when issuing dog commands.

Otherwise, the poor Shiba Inu will think you are harshly criticizing it. The Shiba Inu is a shrewd puppy, and does not like being told what to do. Therefore, you have to tread lightly during dog obedience training when bonding with your pet. Use passive resistance to get your dog to mind. Let him think that a dog command was partly his idea.

For example, if you ask him to go outside with you and he ignores you, go outside without him. If he wants to go outside later, don’t make a move until you are ready to out the door yourself. Usually, he will obey the second time, as he was the one who initiated the idea.

10. Shiba Inus Can Really Cause a Commotion if They Don’t Like Something

While some dogs may remain quiet or submissive, even if something does not suit them, that is not the case for the Shiba Inu. If it does not like something or receives a minor injury, it will vocalize, in a high-pitched voice, its dissatisfaction. For instance, if it gets a small pebble in its paw, it will let you know, without hesitation, about the discomfort.

11. The Shiba Inu is a Basal Dog Breed

The Shiba Inu is a breed of dog that is used to produce other hybrid breeds. Therefore, it is known as a basal dog. As a result, the Shiba Inu has more wild dog traits than other dogs. Knowing this information will help you understand why the Shiba Inu is more independent than other companion dog breeds.

12. The Shiba Inu Almost Became Extinct

During the Second World War, bombing raids and distemper, a deadly canine infection, almost rendered the Shiba Inu extinct. However, special breeding programs enabled the Shiba Inu to regain its distinction as a special Japanese dog breed.

13. Shiba Inus Love to Eat Grass

The Shiba Inu, for some reason, loves to eat grass. While dogs will eat grass to help with an upset stomach, a Shiba Inu just loves eating grass. However, it cannot be just any grass. The dog has its preferences. If your dog likes to graze, make sure the green area has not been treated.

The above facts give further proof that a Shiba Inu is one dog that makes a memorable pet and one companion dog you soon will not forget.

If you adopt a Shiba Inu, you will indeed have a one-of-a-kind canine. The following facts about the dog sheds some light on the animal’s unique personality and characteristics. While every dog has its own unique qualities, the Shiba Inu has some traits that are not ordinarily shared with other companion dog breeds. If you own a Shiba Inu, you already understand why your dog is one dog that stands out above the rest.

If you love cute-looking dogs, who love to cuddle, play, and protect the household, say no more and get this dog.

Along with all these goodies, you’re also getting a unique looking dog with a unique personality. So, why not?!

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